Juan Del Prete: Pintura Montada Primicia

Juan Del Prete

From 27 July to 4 September 2020
11 am to 6 pm with previous appointment.

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With a strong focus on non-figurative works, this exhibition goes through the last two decades of his production, between waste and fragility, academicism and amateurism. Because of the particular purpose that he gave to daily used materials, Juan Del Prete can be thought of as a central figure in the emergence of contemporary art in Argentina. “The Latest in Mounted Painting” suggests a different take over his production, unpublished works from the seventies and eighties will be showcased, directly related to more recent works of local artists, emphasizing the use of color, of the materials and their treatment.

In the words of Santiago Villanueva: “… I suggest “mounted painting” as the general concept of his work. The limits are those which the materials can give. Del Prete is constantly thinking his production as a closed system, in which he comes and goes temporarily but forgetting the dates. Not only does he produce works of art from other materially destroyed ones, but he destroys works that exist to this day to reassemble them into new ones."

Curated by Santiago Villanueva


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