Perfil de una precursora

Yente (Eugenia Crenovich)

Opening Wednesday 5 September, 19 hs. From 5 September to 28 September 2018
Mon/Fri 10 to 19 hs

Curator: Adriana Lauria

Exhibition room design: Gustavo Vásquez Ocampo

Yente began her art practice in the abstraction field in 1937. By 1945 she showed these works and installed them in the debate about an art that was opposed to figurative representation. This debate was witnessed by the young artists of the Rio de La Plata region that approached the couple and partnership she formed with artist Juan Del Prete. These influential artists recognized their role as precursors and distinguished Yente as the first female artist to assume the abstraction trend in Argentina.

However, Yente freely altered and combined her practice between abstraction and figuration daring the local academia. She undertook the most diverse modalities of abstract art: the bioforms of the 30´s, the progressive geometric discipline and the constructivism of pre-Columbian inspiration of the 40´s and, in the 50´s, the softening of the planes altered by diverse textures, all this completed by the ease of an expressionism of surprising tonalities.

Her sensitivity, culture and inventiveness, marked a prolonged production, of rich stages assumed with various techniques such as drawing, painting, sculpture, collage and “assemblage”, as well as her original, and still unpublished, illustrated artist´s books. A reluctant temperament to superficial aesthetic gestures or to impose strategies in pursuit of a career that contradicted her ideals, along with a stylistic nomadism and the taste for constant experimentation, collaborated so that, for long periods, her work was not appreciated. This exhibition seeks to be another step towards this unavoidable recognition.

Adriana Lauria


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