Luis F. Benedit / Víctor Grippo / Miguel Harte / Kenneth Kemble / Aldo Paparella / Pablo Suárez

Opening Tuesday 10 May, 19 hs. From 10 May to 3 June 2016
Mon/Fri 10 to 19 hs

Roldan Moderno acknowledges the History of Art as part of the conversation of the contemporary artistic investigations. The study of these contributions triggers a conceptual reflection and creates a field in which to revisit old mediums. The Interest in these artists revitalizes our scene in two ways: it expands (the conversation by enhancing it and sophisticating the lines of its own history on the other hand, it strengthens an awareness of our local identity as a contribution within the contemporary global art scene.

With this proposal, Roldán Moderno honors and acknowledges the contribution and influence of the Argentine artists from the second half of the 20th century in the contemporary Art Scene. Subjects such as new technologies, ecology and the condition of the human being are investigated by the artists represented by the gallery: Victor Grippo, Luis. F. Benedit, Aldo Paparella, Kenneth Kemble, Pablo Suarez and Miguel Harte. These artists are part of the group that was prominent in the artistic innovation of that time. Their critical spirit questioned the standards laid down by the “Academia”, as well as the condition of the human being in a new political and technological context.

Disruption refers both to the force with which these artists emerge in history and to their influence on contemporary artists. Disruption is a short circuit of times that stimulates anachronistic readings and marks the direction to a new aesthetic consideration that goes beyond historical contexts.


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